Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baja Build Day 2

Today the rear gets cut off, to make my lines I laid tape, then misted white paint on and used that line as a guide.

To make the cuts I used a cheap angle grinder with cutting dics and a cheap 'sawz-all' type saw, both sourced from Harbor Freight. The very bottom required the sawz-all and the bug had to be jacked up to gain the necessary clearance to angle the saw properly.

I cut most of the way on one side but left a little uncut to support the part while I cut the other side, I wanted to avoid distorting anything and keep the piece I removed in sell-able shape.
Here we are cut all the way thru on the driver's side.

And here we are all cut, with the part ready for the final tug off. Its not very heavy, I pulled it off and carried it easily.

And now its all gone

The final pic shows a bar I mounted temporarily for the taillights and license plate. Its ugly and temporary and only there until I get the cage assembly for the motor, so not much point going into how I set it up. I also removed the two little tailpipes, I didnt know they provided so much of the muffling, the thing is much louder now. Between the freer flowing exhaust and the weight that was removed the car feels a good bit quicker, but maybe thats just psychological. Next up will be work to the front end.

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